Journal of the Earthquake Engineering Society of Korea 제22권 제2호 (통권 제121호) (p.77-86)

국내⋅외 계기지진 정보를 활용한 중⋅약진 지역의 스펙트럴 가속도 응답 예측식

Prediction Equation of Spectral Acceleration Responses in Low-to- Moderate Seismic Regions using Domestic and Overseas Earthquake Records
키워드 :
Ground motion prediction equation,Spectral acceleration response,Low-to-moderate seismicity,Earthquake records,Nonlinear optimization


1. 서 론
2. 기존 스펙트럴 가속도 응답 예측식의 한계
  2.1 기존 스펙트럴 가속도 응답 예측식
  2.2 해외 중⋅약진 지역의 계기지진 정보 수집
  2.3 기존 예측식을 활용한 스펙트럴 가속도 응답 예측 결과
3. 국내⋅외 계기지진 정보를 이용한 중⋅약진 지역의스펙트럴 가속도 응답 예측식 개선
4. 개선된 스펙트럴 가속도 응답 예측식의 검증
5. 결 론
감사의 글


This study develops an empirical prediction equation of spectral acceleration responses of earthquakes which can induce structural damages. Ground motion records representing hazards of low-to-moderate seismic regions were selected and organized with several influential factors affecting the response spectra. The empirical equation and estimator coefficients for acceleration response spectra were then proposed using a robust nonlinear optimization coupled with a regression analysis. For analytical verification of the prediction equation, response spectra used for low-to-moderate seismic regions were estimated and the predicted results were comparatively evaluated with measured response spectra. As a result, the predicted shapes of response spectra can simulate the graphical shapes of measured data with high accuracy and most of predicted results are distributed inside range of correlation of variation (COV) of 30% from perfectly correlated lines.