Journal of East Asia and International Law (JEAIL) 제11권 제1호 (p.35-36)

Fundamental Principles of Space Resources Exploitation: A Recent Development of International and Municipal Law

키워드 :
OST,Moon Agreement,Non-Appropriation,Res Extra Commmercium,CHM,Res Nullius Humanitatus,COPUOS


Space law is normally referred to international space law. As national space activities develop, however, national space laws have been legislated in many countries for the development of space resources. These are used to present conflicting cases between national and international space law (corpus juris spatialis internationalis) on the interpretation of space resource exploitation. This study is devoted to bridging the gap between these two legal systems. In this paper, the author will critically review the fundamental principles of space resource exploitation under international law and suggest a direction for setting up national space laws for future space resources. This paper is composed of seven parts, including a short Introduction and Conclusion. Part two will discuss acts pertaining to asteroid resources. Part three will deal with res extra commercium. Part four will analyze the non-appropriation principle. Part five will look into the common heritage of mankind. Part six will investigate res nullius humanitatus.