The Journal of Business, Economics, and Environmental Studies (JBEES) Vol.8 No. 3 (p.33-41)

The Effects of Chinese Consumers’ Self-Construal and Advertising Type on Brand Attitude

키워드 :
Collectivism,Harmony Ad,Individualism,Self-Constural,Uniqueness Ad


1. Introduction
2. Literature Review
  2.1. Collectivism and Individualism
  2.2. Interdependent versus Independent self
  2.3. Self-construals and Advertising effects
3. Methodology and Data Collection
  3.1. Experimental Object and Advertisement Development
  3.2 Measures
  3.3. Data
4. Basic Analysis and Testing Hypotheses
  4.1. Reliability and Validity
  4.2. Testing Hypotheses
5. General Discussion
  5.1. Research Summary
  5.2. Theoretical and Managerial Implication
  5.3. Limitations and Future Research


Purpose - This study focused on the attitude differences towards harmony-focused Ad and uniqueness-focused Ad, also those towards brand advertised in each of the two type Ads between self-construals.
Research design, data, and methodology - Main survey was conducted online with the people in China, and collected 107 data through harmony Ad questionnaire and 109 data through uniqueness Ad questionnaire. Anova and t-test were used to verify hypotheses.
Results - First, More positive attitude towards harmony-focused Ad and the brand in it there was at interdependent Chinese consumers than at independent Chinese consumers. Second, the independent Chinese consumers and the interdependent Chinese consumers did not form significant attitude difference towards uniqueness-focused Ad. However the independent Chinese consumers showed more positive attitude towards the brand in the uniqueness-focused Ad than the interdependent Chinese consumers.
Conclusions - By highlighting the attributes of Chinese consumers' self-construal, to appeal to interdependent Chinese consumers, marketers should develop harmony-focused advertisement, and they should appeal to independent Chinese consumers by using uniqueness-focused advertisement. However the harmony might be pursued as the main content in the overall environment by Chinese people. Therefore it is necessary for the marketers to consider the harmony even when appealing them by emphasizing the uniqueness.