The Journal of Business, Economics, and Environmental Studies (JBEES) Vol.8 No. 3 (p.5-12)

Acceptance of Social Media as a Marketing Tool : A Quantitative Study

키워드 :
Social Media,SM,Social Media Marketing,SMM,Advertisement,Ad,Facebook,Buying Behavior


1. Introduction
2. Literature Review
  2.1. Social Media and Marketing
  2.2. Advertisement Features at Social Media thatLeads to Ad-click.
  2.3. Precariousness of Social Media Advertisement
  2.4. Cynicism about Social Media Advertisement
3. Research Methodology
  3.1. Research Design
  3.2 Design of Research Instrument and Data collection
  3.3. Data Analysis Tools used
4. Results and Discussion
  4.1. Respondent Details
  4.2. Results based on Objectives
  4.2. Hypotheses Result
5. Conclusion


Purpose - The purpose of current paper is to identify features of advertisements at social media that generate the ad-click and to further identify if these advertisements lead to purchase. If no purchase is made, then reasons for not making purchase are identified. Users' purchase experience after users clicked at advertisements are also studied.
Research design, data, and methodology - Research design followed is exploratory research, where various factors leading to ad-clicks and generating purchase at social media platform were explored. Raw data was gathered by means of survey among a sample of 185 respondents in India using online structured questionnaire. GLM model and multinomial regression were used to analyze the data.
Results - Several factors including endorsement by friends, advertisement aesthetics, product reviews, and aggressive pricing played major role in generating ad-clicks. Major impediment to purchase on were product misrepresentation in advertisement, false discounts, and site security. Female users clicked more on social media advertisements and made more purchases compared to their male counterpart.
Conclusions - Social media advertisements have significant positive effect on buying behavior of online customers. Transactions culminating from social media ad-click generated significant positive experience for social media users. Thus, social media can be effective marketing tool.