Journal of the Earthquake Engineering Society of Korea 제22권 제7호 (통권 제126호) (p.361-367)

점탄성-슬릿 복합댐퍼로 보강된 건물의 내진성능평가

Seismic Performance Evaluation of Structures Retrofitted with Viscoelastic-Slit Hybrid Dampers
키워드 :
Energy dissipation device,Seismic retrofit,Optimum design,Fragility analysis


1. Introduction
2. Hybrid dampers used in the analysis
3. Seismic retrofit of analysis model structures
4. Optimum distribution of hybrid dampers forseismic retrofit
5. Failure probability of the model structure
6. Conclusion


This study investigates the seismic performance of a hybrid seismic energy dissipation device composed of a viscoelastic damper and a steel slit damper connected in parallel. A moment-framed structure is designed without seismic load and is retrofitted with the hybrid dampers. The model structure is transformed into an equivalent simplified system to find out optimum story-wise damper distribution pattern using genetic algorithm. The effectiveness of the hybrid damper is investigated by fragility analysis of the structure with and without the dampers. The analysis results show that after seismic retrofit the probability of reaching damage states, especially the complete damage state, of the structure turn out to be significantly reduced.