Journal of the Earthquake Engineering Society of Korea 제22권 제7호 (통권 제126호) (p.369-378)

내진테이블의 중량물 낙하 충격실험

Weight Drop Impact Tests of Earthquake-Proof Table
키워드 :
Weight drop test,Impact test,Earthquake-proof table,Seismic shelter,Seismic design


1. 서 론
2. 내진테이블의 설계 요구사항
  2.1 설계 일반
  2.2 충격 효과
3. 중량물 낙하 충격실험
  3.1 실험계획
  3.2 소중량 낙하실험
  3.3 대중량 낙하실험
4. 충격효과 분석
  4.1 충격에 의한 하중증가
  4.2 수직처짐
5. 내진테이블 설계고려사항
6. 결 론


Full-scale seismic retrofit of old and deteriorated masonry buildings requires a lot of cost and time. In such buildings, installing an emergency evacuation space can be considered as an alternative. In this study, requirements of the earthquake-proof table used as an emergency evacuation space for buildings hit by earthquake are investigated. Load conditions required for the table, including the impact effects due to building debris drop, are explained. To investigate the impact effects in more detail, weight drop test is performed for an prototype earthquake-proof table. In the test, the weight of the falling object and free fall height were considered as the main test parameters. The results showed that the duration of impact is very short (0.0226~0.0779sec), and thus the impact forces increase to 15.8~45.2 times the weight of the falling object. Based on these results, design considerations and performance verification criteria of the earthquake-proof table as an emergency evacuation space are given.