Journal of the Earthquake Engineering Society of Korea 제22권 제7호 (통권 제126호) (p.379-390)

무한 다공성 매질에서의 비선형 파전파 해석과 지반-구조물 상호작용 해석을 위한 실용적 수치 모형

Practical Numerical Model for Nonlinear Analyses of Wave Propagation and Soil-Structure Interaction in Infinite Poroelastic Media
키워드 :
Soil-structure interaction,Wave propagation,Poroelastic medium,Mid-point integrated finite element,Viscous boundary,Caisson breakwater


1. 서 론
2. 무한 다공성 탄성 매질의 수치 모형
  2.1. 다공성 탄성 매질에 대한 Mid-point Integrated FiniteElement
  2.2. 무한 다공성 탄성 매질의 점성경계
  2.3. 무한 다공성 탄성 매질의 모사
3. 검증과 적용
  3.1. 반사계수
  3.2 다공성 탄성 지반에서의 파전파
  3.3 다공성 지반에 설치된 케이슨 방파제의 지진응답해석
4. 결 론


In this study, a numerical approach based on mid-point integrated finite elements and a viscous boundary is proposed for time-domain wave-propagation analyses in infinite poroelastic media. The proposed approach is accurate, efficient, and easy to implement in time-domain analyses. In the approach, an infinite domain is truncated at some distance. The truncated domain is represented by mid-point integrated finite elements with real element-lengths and a viscous boundary is attached to the end of the domain. Given that the dynamic behaviors of the proposed model can be expressed in terms of mass, damping, and stiffness matrices only, it can be implemented easily in the displacement-based finite-element formulation. No convolutional operations are required for time-domain calculations because the coefficient matrices are constant. The proposed numerical approach is applied to typical wave-propagation and soil-structure interaction problems. The model is verified to produce accurate and stable results. It is demonstrated that the numerical approach can be applied successfully to nonlinear soil-structure interaction problems.