Journal of Korean Navigation and Port Reserch Vol.43 No.6 (p.353-360)

A Study on the Analysis of Quality Attributes on the Software Architecture for Development of a Navigation System Platform of Autonomous Ships

키워드 :
Autonomous Ship,Navigation System Platform(NSP),Software Architecture,Functional Requirements,Quality Attributes


1. Introduction
2. Analysis of navigation system
   2.1 Systematic characteristics
   2.2 Navigation system network
3. Requirement of NSP stakeholders
   3.1 Software architecture design phase
   3.2 Quality attribute workshop
   3.3 Functional requirement of NSP
   3.4 Non-functional requirement of NSP
4. Quality attribute analysis
   4.1 NFR for quality attribute analysis
   4.2 Model of quality attribute
   4.3 Result of quality attribute analysis
5. Conclusion


Technology-driven development of a new system makes it difficult for users and stakeholders to identify or intervene in the development process, resulting in systems with unnecessary functions and poor quality services. Applying the software architecture design process to the initial design of the navigation system platform of autonomous ships enables the development of a system that reflects the required functions and service quality of the stakeholders. The design, which includes all of the subsystems that make up an autonomous ship platform, is close to an enterprise architecture. Thus, we strived to design a navigation system platform suitable for the design range of the software architecture. This study analyzed the definition of functional requirements, and quality attributes by applying the software architecture design procedure. This study was conducted to identify the characteristics of the navigation system and platform needs, and the stakeholders were identified. To derive the functional requirements and constraints of the platform, a quality attributes workshop was held engaging stakeholders, and the results of the analysis of functional requirements and quality attributes were listed. Based on the results of this study, the architect can establish the evidence and technical solutions that are integral for the architecture development, and will facilitate the creation of quality attribute scenarios.