Korean Journal of Environmental Biology Vol. 38 No. 2 (p.207-215)

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둥근성게 (Mesocentrotus nudus)의 수정 및 배아 발생률에 미치는 신방오도료 (Diuron, Irgarol)의 독성영향

Toxic effects of antifouling agents (diuron and irgarol) on fertilization and normal embryogenesis rates in the sea urchin (Mesocentrotus nudus)
키워드 :
antifouling agents,toxicity,sea urchin,Mesocentrotus nudus


서 론
재료 및 방법
   1. 시험생물
   2. 생식세포 획득
   3. 시험용액 조성
   4. 수정 및 정상배아 발생률
   5. 통계분석
결 과
   1. Diuron과 Irgarol 노출에 따른 수정률의 변동
   2. Diuron과 Irgarol 노출에 따른 정상배아 발생률의변동
   3. 정상배아 발생률을 이용한 독성평가
고 찰
적 요


Toxic assessment of antifouling agents (diuron and irgarol) was conducted using the fertilization and the normal embryogenesis rates of the sea urchin, Mesocentrotus nudus. Bioassessment began with male and female reproductive cell induction. White or cream-colored male gametes (sperm) and yellow or orange-colored female gametes (eggs) were acquired and fully washed, separately. Then, the fertilization and normal embryogenesis rates were measured after 10 min and 48 h of exposure to the toxicants, respectively. The fertilization and embryo development rates were greater than 90% in the control, validating the suitability of both endpoints. The normal embryogenesis rates were significantly decreased with increasing concentrations of diuron and irgarol, but no changes in the fertilization rates were observed in concentrations ranging from 0 to 40 mg L-1. The EC50 values of diuron and irgarol for the normal embryogenesis rates were 20.07 mg L-1 and 22.45 mg L-1, respectively. The no observed effect concentrations (NOEC) were <1.25 mg L-1 and the lowest observed effect concentrations (LOEC) were 1.25 mg L-1 and 2.5 mg L-1, respectively. From these results, concentrations of diuron and irgarol over 1.25 mg L-1 and 2.5 mg L-1, respectively, can be considered to have toxic effects on invertebrates, including M. nudus. The ecotoxicological bioassay in this study using the noted fertilization and normal embryogenesis rates of M. nudus can be used as baseline data for the continued establishment of environmental quality standards for the effects of antifouling agents (especially diuron and irgarol) in a marine environment.