The Journal of Business, Economics, and Environmental Studies (JBEES) Vol.10 No. 3 (p.5-12)

The Impact of Sharia Compliance on Sharia Hotel Services and Customers Satisfaction

키워드 :
Sharia Hotel,Sharia Compliance,Customer Experience,Satisfaction


1. Introduction
2. Literature Review
   2.1. Sharia hotels: Concepts and Attributes
   2.2. Customer Experience
3. Research Hypothesis
4. Research Method
5. Result
6. Discussion and Conclusion


Purpose: The main purposes of this study are to examine what the most important hotel facilities that sharia hotels must provide, and to study the relationship between importance of sharia compliance and Muslim tourists' judgment on the performance of sharia hotels. Research Design, Data, and Methodology: The data were collected in Lombok Island. Questionnaires were distributed to Muslim tourists who stayed at one of the sharia hotels, with a total sample of 205 respondents. Factor Analysis Method and Two Independent Sample Tests have been applied in this research to analyze and interpret the data. Result: The results show only one factor is formed from all statements of Sharia compliance variable, and there is a significant difference in the customer experience and customer satisfaction ratings based on the importance of hotel facilities. Conclusion: The present study revealed that Muslim tourists who place a high level of importance in sharia compliance present a more positive assessment for all services provided by sharia hotels. The assessment from Muslim tourists with higher level of importance in Sharia compliance is more positive about their experiences during their stay at the sharia hotels, which also affects their satisfaction.