Development & Reproduction Vol. 4 No. 2 (p.175-180)

Reproductive Cycle of the Melanin Snail, Semisulcospira libertina libertina

다슬기(Semisulcospira libertina libertina)의 번식주기
키워드 :
Melania snail,Semisulcospira libertina libertina,Reproductive cycle,Gonadal development,Ovoviviparous


양산 내원사 계곡에 서식하는 난태생인 다슬기(Semisulcospira libertina libertina)를 재료로 하여 번식주기를 조사하였다. 서식지 수온은 연중 1.3~22.5였으며, 육중량비는 수온이 상승하기 시작하는 3월에 최고값을 보였고, 8월에 최저값을 나타내었다. 난모세포의 평균 직경은 7월에 249.62.6 로 최대값을 나타냈으며, 12월에 134.32.8 로 연중 최소값을 보였다. 다슬기는 혹서기와 혹한기를 제외하고 주년 번식하는 종으
The reproductive cycle of ovoviviparous melania snail, Semisulcospira libeytina libertina was studied in the valley near Naewon Temple in Yangsan, Korea. Water temperature (WT) of the habitat ranged from 1.3 to 22.5 The meat weight rate (MWR) reached the maximum with the beginning of WT increase in March and the minimum in August. Monthly changes in average oocyte diameter showed the maximum (249.62.6 ) in July and the minimum (134.32.8 ) in December S. libertina libertina seemed to be a year-round breeder except for mid-summer and mid-winter. Two main reproductive cycle of the species could be divided into five successive stages: multiplicative (March, October), growing (April and May, November), mature (June and July, December), ovulation (August, January), parturition (September and October, March to May) and resting (September, February) stages in female and multiplicative (March, October), growing (April, November), mature (March to June, December), copulatory (July and August, January), resting (September, February) stages in male.