Insecta koreana Vol. 4 (p.1-363)

Classification of the Subfamily Carabinae from Korea (Coleoptera: Carabidae)


The present paper is a revisional monograph of the subfamily Carabinae Erichson, 1837 from Korea. As the result, a total of 37 species belonging to 13 genera under 2 tribes are represented in Korean fauna, among them 24 subspecies, 3 species, 4 subgenera are new to science. The following new taxa are proposed: Orientocarabus subgen. nov., Weolseocarabus subgen. nov., Nabicarabus subgen. nov., Koreacoptolabrus subgen. nov., Carabus (Parhomopterus) sternbergi huchangensis subsp. nov., C. (P.) stembergi honamensis subsp. nov., C. (P.) stembergi kojedoensis subsp. nov., C. (P.) sternbergi palgongsanensis subsp. nov., C. (P.) sternbergi tongdosanus subsp. nov., C. (P.) sternbergi chirisanensis subsp. nov., C. (P.) sternbergi sobaeksanensis subsp. flOV., C. (P.) namhaedoensis sp. nov., Lipaster (Leptinocarabus) wulffiusi ssangnamensis subsp. nov., L. (L.) wulffiusi alpinus subsp. nov., Leptocarabus (Aulonocarabus) kwanmobongensis sp. nov., L. (Weolseocarabus) koreanus weolseoae subgen. et subsp. nov., L. (W) koreanus minor subgen. et subsp. nov., L. (Adelocarabus) seishinensis seunglaki subsp. nov., Hemicarabus (Homoeocarabus) maeander quelpartensis subsp. nov., Scambocarabus kruberi hallasanensis subsp. nov., Tomocarabus fraterculus affinis subsp. no v., T. fraterculus yeongsiki subsp. nov., T. fraterculus assimilis subsp. nov., Megodontus (Nabicarabus) vietinghoffi borealis sub gen. et subsp. nov., Damaster (Acoptolabrus) seonhyeongae sp. nov., D. (Koreacoptolabrus) constricticollis chiricola subgen. et subsp. nov., D. (Cotolabrus)jankowskii kangwonensis subsp. nov., D. (Coptolabrus) jankowskii elegans subsp. nov., D. (C.) smaragdinus sangjaei subsp. nov.,D. (C.) smaragdinus hongdoensis subsp. nov.,D. (C.) smaragdinus hoenggandoensis subsp. novo  All the known taxa are revised critically, keys, synonymic lists, some illustrations of the genitalic characters are provided, and domestic localities for each species are arranged respectively.