Agribusiness and Information Management Volume 10 Number 1 (p.26-34)

An Exploratory Research on the Improvement of Agricultural Food-related Public Organizations’ Information Service : Based on the example of’s information service improvement strategy

키워드 :
informatization of agricultural food,information service,informatization of public organizations,public service improvement,management information service for farm households


1. Introduction
  1.1 Background and purpose of the research
  1.2 Performance system of research and research model
2. Main subjects
  2.1 Overview of
  2.2 Review of the previous researches and examples
3. Conclusion
  3.1 Summary and implications of research results
  3.2 Limitations of research and a proposal for furtherresearches


Development, availability and users’ participation in the information service of agricultural food sector is slower than that of other sectors in Korea. This phenomenon comes from the lack of development strategies and comparative analyses with other sectors, as well as the agricultural food industry’s own characteristics which is developed based on the offline market.
In this research, we will discuss about how to improve the public information service of agricultural food sector based on the example of establishing service improvement strategy by the most representative Okdab. In this research, we have drawn the following implications for development strategy of Okdab service based on three core keywords derived from benchmarking KOSIS.
Three core subjects for upgrading public information service are ‘analysis information with expertise and differentiation,’ ‘user cooperation-oriented platform,’ and ‘intuitive nd effective UX,’ and to strength B.I. as an integrated information service of agricultural food sector, we need to identify the users’ satisfaction and needs for the existing service, establish an optimized operating strategy on a short-term, mid-term and long term bases, and implement them in a positive way. Based on this positive action, it can become a trustworthy information service for the users, and we can expect the improvement of the users’ recognition for its consistent usability and efficiency.