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        2023.07 구독 인증기관 무료, 개인회원 유료
        Despite the increasing popularity of spiritual tourism, there has not yet been an effort to provide an overview of the growing body of research. Addressing this void, this study employs a systematic literature review of 45 articles to highlight the state of knowledge and important gaps in the field.
        2023.07 구독 인증기관·개인회원 무료
        Artificial intelligence generated content (AIGC) refers to content produced by artificial intelligence that represents the perspectives of its users, and a new technique of content Generation. Continuous development in deep learning and algorithms have facilitated the adoption of AIGC. This research summarizes literature published under the topic of AIGC using bibliometric analysis method, aims to provide insightful research directions for future studies. 342 documents were collected from Database of Web of science, network visualization analysis among authors and citation analysis over publications are presented to scholars who wish to further research into this area.
        2023.07 구독 인증기관·개인회원 무료
        The advent of virtual reality and augmented reality technologies have pushed user’s expectation for online experience to a new level. Social connections via texts alone can no longer satisfy appetite for the reality of virtual interaction. Subsequently, the metaverse is invented to reimagine the way people work, play, socialize and live online (Xi et al., 2022). Metaverse is “the post-reality universe, a perpetual and persistent multiuser environment merging physical reality with digital virtuality” (Mystakidis, 2022). The speed at which the Metaverse has evolved both in definition (first coined in 1992 by science fiction author Neal Stephenson) and research but also in practice, has been phenomenal. Earlier visions of what the Metaverse would be were limited to gaming (for example, Roblox, Fortnite, Zepeto), and gaming is still considered to be the most popular service in the Metaverse (Shin, 2022), where reality is replicated through the creation of a virtual 3D space including avatars interacting and communicating. This current immersive extended reality is a space where people not only can play, but work, learn, socialize, buy, and much more (Hollensen, Kotler, & Opresnik, 2022). It could be fair to assume that the potential of Metaverse being much more than simply gaming, took off after Mark Zuckerberg’s continuous references to the metaverse throughout 2020 and 2021, and the subsequent change of Facebook’s name to Meta in 2021. By 2026, it is estimated that 25% of people worldwide will spend at least one hour a day in the metaverse for digital activities, including shopping, working, entertainment and social interaction (Johnson, 2022).
        2023.07 구독 인증기관·개인회원 무료
        A bibliometric analysis, spanning five decades of knowledge is employed with the aim of: (i) assessing core intellectual knowledge of international services research; (ii) examining the contribution of international services marketing to broader research disciplines; and, (iii) estimating forecasting trends for the most promising international services research directions.
        2023.02 KCI 등재 구독 인증기관 무료, 개인회원 유료
        The electro-Fenton (EF) process was first proposed in 1996 and, since then, considerable development has been achieved for its application in wastewater treatment, especially at lab and pilot scale. After more than 25 years, the high efficiency, versatility and environmental compatibility of EF process has been demonstrated. In this review, bibliometrics has been adopted as a tool that allows quantifying the development of EF as well as introducing some useful correlations. As a result, information is summarized in a more visual manner that can be easily analyzed and interpreted as compared to conventional reviewing. During the recent decades under review, 83 countries have contributed to the dramatic growth of EF publications, with China, Spain and France leading the publication output. The top 12 most cited articles, along with the top 32 most productive authors in the EF field, have been screened. Four stages have been identified as main descriptors of the development of EF throughout these years, being each stage characterized by relevant breakthroughs. To conclude, a general cognitive model for the EF process is proposed, including atomic, microscopic and macroscopic views, and future perspectives are discussed.
        2021.06 KCI 등재 구독 인증기관 무료, 개인회원 유료
        This study employed a bibliometric method to visualize the evolution of corpus-based discourse studies between 1995 and 2019, with a total of 2,174 English-language documents and their 83,184 references collected from Scopus, the Social Science Citation Index, and the Arts & Humanities Citation Index. Co-citation analysis of the predominant authors, references, and publication sources disclosed that the field has expanded over the past 25 years from primary pattern analysis of descriptive and functional grammar to principal investigations of interdisciplinary issues, some of which are central to pragmatics and sociolinguistics. This shift of research focus is also evidenced by keyword analysis. Scholars have been progressively more fascinated by such social issues as news discourse, business discourse, gender and language, and identity. Some emerging topics like social media, media discourse, legal discourse, and the metadiscourse interpersonal model may represent research hotspots and trends in this area. Bibliometric approaches play an important role in providing hands-on evidence-based comparisons and visualizations of previous research outputs using different time bands.
        2021.02 KCI 등재 구독 인증기관 무료, 개인회원 유료
        The global water shortage is getting more attention by global climate change. And water demand rapidly increases due to industrialization and population growth. Desalination technology is being expected as an alternative water supply method. Desalination technology requires low energy or maintenance costs, making it a competible next generation technology, with examples such as forward osmosis (FO), membrane distillation (MD), capacitive deionization (CDI), and electrodialysis (ED) to compete with reverse osmosis (RO). In order to identify recent research trends in desalination technologies (FO, MD, RO, CDI, and ED) between 2000-2020, a bibliometric analysis was conducted in the current study. The number of published papers in desalination technology have increased in Desalination and Journal of Membrane Science mainly. Moreover, it was found that FO, MD, RO, CDI, and ED technologies have been applied in various research areas including electrochemical, food processing and carbon-based material synthesis. Recent research topics according to the desalination technologies were also identified.
        2020.11 KCI 등재 서비스 종료(열람 제한)
        목적: 본 연구는 운동과 실행기능에 관한 연구의 출판연도, 연구저자, 공인용, 키워드 현황을 분석하여 운동과 실 행기능에 관한 연구동향을 제시하는데 목적이 있다. 방법: Web of Science에서 2003년 1월 1일부터 2019년 12월 31일까지 발행된 운동과 실행기능에 관련한 학술지 총 1577편을 대상으로 CiteSpace프로그램을 적용하여, 계량서 지학적 분석, 데이터 시각화분석, 내용분석법을 실시하였다. 결과: 첫째, 16년 동안 출판편수는 지속적으로 상승하 였으며, 주로 미국에서 발표한 연구편수가 많았고, 연구의 영향력도 컸다. 둘째, Arthur F. Kramer와 Yukai Chang 을 중심으로 협력연구가 이루어졌다. 셋째, 피인용이 높은 연구는 주로 메타분석, 체계적 문헌고찰, 무작위대조실 험으로 구성된 연구였다. 넷째, 키워드 현황으로는 연구방법, 관여질병, 관여방식, 연구내용으로 구분되었다. 또한 키워드 클러스터에 따르면 인지기능, 요가, 우주비행, 사건관련전위, 일회성 운동, 자기관리 집단으로 구분되었다. 결론: 운동과 실행기능에 관한 연구는 학자 간 협력이 다수 존재하고 공인용 문헌은 ‘운동은 인지를 변화시킨다’ 와 ‘운동은 인지구조를 변화시킨다’ 두 가지로 나뉘었다. 또한 학자들은 이미 심리학, 인지신경과학 등 여러 분야 에서, 다양한 대상, 방법을 통해 운동과 실행기능에 대한 연구를 진행하고 있다.
        2020.02 서비스 종료(열람 제한)
        Since the formation of competency theory in 1970s, this theory has greatly promoted the development of human resource management theory and practice. Based on the literature retrieval of CNKI and with the help of the visual analysis tool of CNKI, this study organizes, summarizes and analyzes the track, characteristics, current situation and trend of competency research. It is found that since the beginning of this century, especially in 2010, the research results of competency have been on the trend of blowout, the number of research results has increased linearly, the research field has gradually expanded, and the research methods have become more rich and varied. The basic research on the concept, characteristics, structure and role of competency has been basically completed, and the construction of competency models for different industries and posts has also made great progress. The relationship between competency and related factors has gradually entered the researchers' vision. At present, researchers have strong interests in the relationship between competency and its pre and post factors, as well as its mechanism. At the same time, the vision of competency research has gradually expanded from employees to groups, organizations, enterprises and even national global talent cultivation. However, when competency research is in the ascendant, some scholars have pointed out the limitations of competency on performance prediction through empirical research, calling for a higher level of interpretation of human resource management theory.
        2016.04 KCI 등재 서비스 종료(열람 제한)
        In the last 10 years, the annual number of published journal articles on biochar has increased dramatically. In addition, biochar research in South Korea has received much attention in a variety of research fields. The objectives of this study were to determine biochar research trends using bibliometric analysis methods and to suggest future research directions in South Korea. The data used in this study were compiled from online international and domestic scientific articles from 2010 to 2015. Annual production, institutes, main journal titles, research fields and frequency of keywords were analyzed to assess current research trends. As a result, biochar research in South Korea was found to be initially 10 years behind the global trend, but in 8th place globally in terms of published articles as of 2015. Future research on the long-term ecological/environmental effects of land-applied biochar and factory-scale production systems is necessary to promote practical use of biochar in South Korea.