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        2017.12 KCI 등재 구독 인증기관 무료, 개인회원 유료
        White sponge nevus (WSN) is a rare autosomal dominant disorder characterised by rough thickening, fissure formation, and a whitish colour change in the oral mucosa. This disorder predominantly affects the nonkeratinized stratified squamous epithelium of the mucosa. We experienced a familial case of WSN (i.e., a mother and her two daughters) and performed keratin gene analysis and immunohistochemical staining. The results of a mutation analysis revealed the presence of a heterozygous missense mutation 344T to G in KRT13, predicting an amino acid change leucine (L) to arginine (R), in the 1A domain of the KRT13 polypeptide. Immunohistochemically, the loss of keratin 4 expression was found.
        2016.03 KCI 등재 구독 인증기관 무료, 개인회원 유료
        본 연구는 마약중독자들의 재발경험에 대한 질적 내용분석 연구로서 마약중독자들의 재발에 영향을 미치는 개인, 가족, 사회적 차원에서의 요인을 규명하는 것이다. 이를 위해 연구자들은 마약중독에서 탈출하여 1년 이상 단약을 유지하였으나 다시 재발한 7인으로 연구참여자 집단을 구성했다. 원자료를 분석한 결과 65개의 의미내용을 구성하였고, 신체적 차원에서는 ‘몸의 과각성’, ‘사라진 금단의 재연’, 가족차원에서는 ‘가족 무관심’, ‘가족 회피’, ‘부부 엇박자’, 사회적 차원에서는 ‘스스로 고립을 자초’, ‘무뢰한으로 살아가기’, ‘가면쓰고 살기’로 나타났다. 마지막으로 심리﹡정서적 차원에서는 ‘무망감’, ‘분노’, ‘대체물 찾기’, ‘자기낙인 부여’, ‘생활리듬의 실종’, ‘재무장한 도덕의 해체’로 나타났다. 이와 같은 연구결과에 근거하여 첫째, 도덕적 재무장과 해체, 둘째, 마약중독 재발과 관계된 총체적 차원에서의 동요, 셋째, 회복을 유지하는데 있어서 가족관계의 중요성에 대한 논의와 제언을 하였다.
        2014.04 KCI 등재 구독 인증기관 무료, 개인회원 유료
        Primary oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) associated with dental osseointegrated implants is very rare. We experienced two patients who had received dental implant surgery before they were diagnosed with OSCC. We report these cases to emphasize the importance of differential diagnosis of malignant lesions associated with dental implants. Additionally, we also suggest that bone graft materials around implants can serve as a potential inducer of invasiveness in cancer cells.
        2013.12 KCI 등재 구독 인증기관 무료, 개인회원 유료
        Development of squamous cell carcinoma around dental implants is an uncommon clinical manifestation with only a few cases described in the literature. Recently, we observed primary squamous cell carcinoma that developed from leukoplakia around dental implants. We report this case to emphasize the importance of careful oral examination, for implant surgery has to be preceded by thorough evaluation of oral mucosal conditions.
        2013.04 KCI 등재 구독 인증기관 무료, 개인회원 유료
        Small cell osteosarcoma of bone, which was first described in 1979, is an unusual variant of osteosarcoma. Osteoid production by tumor cells is frequently focal or minimal, making the differential diagnosis with other small round cell tumors of bone difficult. Here, we present a rare case of small cell osteosarcoma of the mandible appearing as bony bulging mass in 31-year-old male who has neither tenderness nor paresthesia. Histologically, the tumor contains hypercellular cartilage and abnormal osteoid associated with small round to ovoid malignant cells. Awareness of small cell osteosarcoma should be emphasized because it has worse prognosis than both other small round cell tumor and conventional osteosarcoma.
        2011.12 KCI 등재 구독 인증기관 무료, 개인회원 유료
        Nodular fasciitis is defined by the World Health Organization as a benign proliferative fibroblastic lesion. It was first described in 1955 by Konwaler et al. and also known as “nodular pseudosarcomatous fasciitis” and “infiltrative fasciitis”, which reflect the lesion’s rapid growth, dense cellularity, alarming mitotoic activity and lack of circumscription. Here, we report a case of nodular fasciitis, which appeared as subcutaneous mass of right perizygoma area in 40-year-old Korean female. She had no history of trauma or cosmetic surgery related with the lesion. She disclosed that the mass grew rapidly for last 2 months. Computed tomography showed relatively well-defined spherical mass with 1.2 cm in diameter. Under local anesthesia the mass was resected by intraoral approach. The histological examination revealed a relatively poor-dermacated mass with high cellularity, which was composed with infiltrative spindle-shaped cells without accompanying inflammatory reactions. The tumor cells were partially positive for α-smooth muscle actin and β-catenin, but negative for cytokeratin AE1/3, S-100, desmin, and CD34. Therefore, the lesion was pathologically diagnosed as nodular fasciitis. Although nodular fasciitis is known to pseudosarcomatous benign reactive lesion, the clinician need to follow up the patient periodically. The reasons are as follows; Nodular fasciitis may accompany nuclear accumulation of β-catenin, which imply neoplastic process rather than reactive process of the lesion. Moreover, it has many histological similarities with inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor which have malignant transformation tendency. Further research for mesenchymal tumor could help our understanding for the disease entity of nodular fasciitis
        2011.10 KCI 등재 구독 인증기관 무료, 개인회원 유료
        The osteoblastic activity of carcinoma is restricted in osteoblastic metastasis, common in the patients with prostate cancer, whereas its mechanism and the factors involved are unknown. Here, we present a case of central adenocarcinoma showing the osteoblastic activity in the mandible of the 80-year-old Korean male who had suffered from the paresthesia of lower lip during four mouths. Clinically the overlying oral epithelium was intact, but the radiologic images revealed the ill-defined radiolucent intraosseous lesions in left ascending ramus. Microscopically, the mandibular lesion was composed with carcinoma of ductal or glandular differentiation but lack typical features of any epithelial salivary gland malignancies. Intriguingly abundant new bone formation was found in the stroma, but the tumor cells expressed no reactivity for prostate-specific antigen(PSA). The patient had low ionized calcium level, normal serum alkaline phosphatase and PSA level. Positron emission tomography-computed tomopraphy scan revealed the benign prostatic hyperplasia, but failed to trace the primary site of tumor other than mandible. Therefore, pathologically diagnosis for the lesion was informed as adenocarcinoma, not otherwise specified(NOS). Because occult primary tumor associated with osteoblastic metastasis cannot be completely ruled out, periodic and careful check-ups for the patient should be performed.
        2014.02 서비스 종료(열람 제한)
        홍수예보는 정확성과 신속성, 2가지 조건을 만족해야 한다. 정확성은 홍수주의보 및 경보에 도달하는 시간과 수위를 정확하게 예측하는 정도를 말하며, 신속성은 예보선행시간으로써 홍수예보에 따른 하류지역 주민의 대피에 필요한 시간이라 할 수 있다. 이를 위한 홍수예보 방법으로 기상법, 수위법, 강우-유출법 등 3가지로 구분할 수 있다. 기상법은 강수를 정량적으로 예측하여 홍수 유발량 이상이면 경보를 발령하는 방법이다. 수위법은 상류에 위치한 수위관측소의 수위자료를 이용하여 하류의 수위상황을 예측하는 방법이며, 강우-유출 모형은 현재 4대강 홍수통제소에서 사용되고 있는 방법으로 유효우량산정을 통한 유역유출과 하도유출로 구분하여 홍수위와 도달시간 등을 예측하는 방법이다.본 연구는 영산강수계 홍수예보 지점 중 선암과 남평지점의 수위와 상류지점의 수위자료를 활용하여 인공신경망 모형을 이용한 홍수위 예측모형을 개발하였다. 더불어 홍수예보 업무 중 중요한 부분을 차지하는 홍수위 예측과 관련하여 범용성을 확대하기 위하여 Web환경에서 국가표준수문DB와 연계를 통한 RFFS을 개발하였다. 본 연구의 결과, 통계적 기준과 도식적 평가를 통한 본 연구의 모형은 홍수예보시스템에 대한 보조적 수단으로 활용할 수 있음을 확인시켜 주었으며, 홍수위 예측모형의 다양화를 통한 홍수예보업무의 효율성을 증대하였다는 측면에서 유의미하다고 판단된다. 또한 홍수예보지점을 중소하천까지 확대할 경우 인공신경망 모형을 활용할 수 있을 것으로 기대된다.