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        2017.12 KCI 등재 구독 인증기관 무료, 개인회원 유료
        In recent years after the Sewol Sank, the surroundings of Fire have rapidly changed and citizens need for Fire have been demanding very high. Under these situations, in order for satisfaction to all these demands, Seoul Metropolitan Fire & Disaster Headquarters(SMFDH) have made improvements of Golden Time in the field of disaster as the leader of Fire Department in Korea. SMFDH has been practicing many kinds of plans, or projects to achieve Gold Time of 55 types of disaster. However, There have been questioning about all these projects if they are working for the achievement. The purpose of this study is to scrutinize current projects for Golden Time Targeting focused on Mapo fire fighters as first responders and to cope with how to make them better for Seoul Citizens’ safety by using SPSS(Statistical Package for the Social Science) Statistics 24. The result of this study presents that how we can find to be all the project for Golden Time Targeting running well. And This study will be positively applied to Seoul fire policies or helped for setting them up better.
        2015.03 KCI 등재 구독 인증기관 무료, 개인회원 유료
        The purpose of this investigation is to enhance the survival rate of patients by transporting them to the hospital within the golden hour through the operational improvement of emergency dispatch instruction. To this end, problems and improvements of current operating system were derived by carrying out a survey against paramedics of Incheon city in 2012 and analyzing the current emergency dispatch instruction. This study analyzed the emergency activity daily reports for one year from January 1 through December 31, 2012 and researched the consciousness of 119 emergency medical technician. According to the analysis of the survey, there were no meaningful differences in the on-site arrival times per triage. Therefore, the item of 'Emergency Classification' specified in the emergency dispatch instruction needs to be integrated in the scheme of "triage". Also, the feedbacks of the emergency action log and the emergency dispatch instruction are necessary for 'duty for operation' to review the adequacy to the severity after the end of emergency operation. Finally, the improvement of the system for the continuous communication between the paramedics and the command staff is necessary. This improvements as stated above are expected to contribute to raise survival rate of patients.
        2013.03 KCI 등재 구독 인증기관 무료, 개인회원 유료
        Recently, children's deaths are found to be mostly caused by various accidents in Korea. But it is in reality that the safety training are very roughly conducted, and even contemporarily appropriate training materials are not sufficiently furnished contrary to the increasing significance of the safety training to reduce the children's accidental risks. This study is to compare and analyze the safety training courses of domestic and overseas elementary schools and various safety training materials. This study is purposed ultimately to reduce the accidental risks of elementary school students by suggesting the future development direction. It is concluded in this study that more appropriate safety training courses and materials should be provided to train the students to habituate their safe behaviors with a view to protect the elementary school students against the accidents. In addition, the safety training should be conducted consistently by reflecting the students' characters, and the pertinent training materials should be developed for the students' spontaneous learning and for more practical preventive training.
        2013.03 KCI 등재 구독 인증기관 무료, 개인회원 유료
        Korean Volunteer Fire Departments are the representative disaster-related civilian organizations which are based on "Firefighting Framework Act Article 37"and ordinance for complementing the lack of fire-fighting personnel and volunteer and they play a part as community safety keepers. They are operated by the National funding, but cannot be defined as the organization in governmental sources completely or pure volunteer organization in terms of its founding purpose and activities. In these special characteristics, some Volunteer Fire Departments play an important role in Civilian Volunteer Disaster Prevention by being managed effectively, but the others do not. There can be many cause-analyses about this difference. They aren't profit-making organizations and are groups which have no compulsion. So it is important that who the leader is, and what type of leadership he has. By solving this bias by considering these characteristics, in this study we make them perform the center role of community safety network through analyzing the existing status and problems of volunteer fire department education and customized training program reengineering to meet class-specific and regional level.
        2010.09 KCI 등재 구독 인증기관 무료, 개인회원 유료
        1978년 STCW 협약은 해기사의 직무능력에 대한 국제적 최저 기준으로 제정되었으며 인적요인에 의해 발생되는 해양사고를 감소시키는 데 기여해왔다. STCW 협약은 선박의 운항환경 변화에 따라 부분적으로 수정되어 왔으며 1995년에 대폭적인 협약의 개정이 이뤄졌다. 이러한 개정 이 후에도 선박은 지속적으로 대형화, 고속화되어 왔을 뿐만 아니라 많은 첨단 기술이 도입되어 과거의 선박에 비하여 선박의 운항환경에 많은 변화가 있었다. 이러한 변화에 따라 선박을 운항할 해기사의 교육훈련 과정과 면허에서 확인되어야 할 직무능력에 대한 기준도 변화시켜야 할 필요성이 제기되었고, 이에 따라 2006년부터 STW 소위원회는 협약의 개정에 대해 논의를 시작하였으며 그 결과 2010년 6월 필리핀의 마닐라에서 개최된 외교회의에서 협약의 개정이 이뤄졌다. 이번 개정에서는 선박의 보안, 전자해도, 리더십 등에 대한 교육 훈련이 추가되었으며 본 연구는 최근에 개정된 협약의 내용을 정리하고, 이에 대한 해기교육 기관의 대응방안을 살펴보았다.
        2010.04 구독 인증기관 무료, 개인회원 유료
        현재 해상교통 및 선박 통항안전성의 판단을 위하여 사용되는 일반적인 방법은 선박조종시뮬레이션에서 구해진 선박의 거동자료와 조종자 의견을 검토하는 방법이다. 구체적인 평가 방법은 해상 시설물에 대한 선박의 접근, 선체 제어의 난이도 및 실제 조종자의 의견 분석이 있다. 해상 시설물에 대한 선박의 접근 및 선박의 제어와 관련된 부분은 통계적으로 산출이 가능하여 그 기준이 명확하나, 조종자의 의견에 의 한 평가는 상대적으로 기준이 모호한 측면이 있고 또한 조종자의 평가와 선박제어의 난이도와의 관계에 대한 연구도 부족하다. 따라서 본 연 구에서는 선박제어의 난이도와 조종자의 평가를 각각 기술적 운항만족도와 심리적 운항만족도로 정의하였다. 먼저 퍼지추론을 통하여 기술적 운항만족도를 수치화하였고, 이로부터 기술적 운항만족도와 심리적 운항만족도의 관계를 정리하였다.
        2006.12 KCI 등재 구독 인증기관 무료, 개인회원 유료
        우리 정부와 해운기업은 해상에서의 인명 및 환경보호를 위해 노력하고 있지만 아직까지 내항선에서의 안전관리가 미흡하여 내항선에 맞는 체계적이고 현실적인 안전관리체제 운영의 내실화 방안이 절실하다. 본 논문은 관련기관 및 해운기업에 설문조사를 하였으며, 실증분석을 통하여 현 내항선안전관리의 문제점을 파악하고 개선하여 우리나라 내항해운에 적합한 안전관리체제의 내실화 방안을 제시하고자 한다.
        2004.06 KCI 등재 구독 인증기관 무료, 개인회원 유료
        목포항 접근 항행구역은 30마일 구간의 협수로로 이루어져 있으며 항로가 여러 지점에서 교차하고 있어 교통이 혼잡한 수역이다. 특히 목포구를 제외한 외측수역은 항로가 지정되어 있지 않고 어망 및 광업권이 산재하여 선박의 안전운항을 위협하고 있다. 따라서 본 연구에서는 주변 환경과 항행 위해요소 분석, 교통실태 관측조사 및 해양사고 분석을 통한 해상교통환경평가를 실시하여 항행안전을 위한 요소를 제시한다.
        2003.12 KCI 등재 구독 인증기관 무료, 개인회원 유료
        최근 우리나라는 육지와 도서 및 도서간을 연결하는 해상교량을 건설하는 공사가 활발히 이루어지고 있다. 이러한 교량은 보통 그 하부를 선박이 통항하기 때문에 건설 이전에 통항 선박의 안전성을 충분히 검토할 필요가 있다. 따라서, 본 연구는 건설예정에 있는 목포대교를 사례로 하여 교량하 통항 안전성을 검증한다. 이를 위해 인접 수로의 특성을 분석하고 교량하 통항 안전성에 관한 문헌을 검토한 후 선박 조종 시뮬레이터를 이용하여 그 타당성과 안전성을 평가한다.
        2003.06 KCI 등재 구독 인증기관 무료, 개인회원 유료
        해상교통시스템은 선박, 조선자, 선박과 조선자를 둘러싼 환경으로 구성되어 있다. 항행환경은 조선환경, 교통환경, 정보사회환경으로 분류하며, 항로설계는 조선환경의 일부를 설정하는 것이다. 본 연구는 항만설비 중 항로설계기준의 적정성을 확인하기 위하여 조선자의 입장에서 직선항로와 항로만곡부에서의 조선부담감을 정량적으로 평가한 것이다. 환경스트레스모델을 이용하여 대상항로에서 항로폭, 선박전장, 선속 등의 요소를 고려하여 선박조종 난이도를 평가하고, 그 상관관계를 구하였으며 조선부담의 경감방안을 제시하였다.
        2001.06 KCI 등재 구독 인증기관 무료, 개인회원 유료
        In recent years, the marine traffic congestion has increased due to the expansion of vessel traffic volume in Korean coastal waterway. Heavy traffic could bring serious marine casualties which cause the loss of human lives, properties and marine pollution in coastal area. The prevention of marine accidents has been a major topic in marin society and various policies and countermeasures have been developed, applied to the industries. VTS(Vessel Traffic Services) is considered as one of effective method to promote marine safety but it needs relatively huge amount of budgets to build and also number of personnels for the operation. Thus prior to establishing the VTS. It should be surveyed the marine traffics, general conditions of waterway including geographical, meteorological characteristics and assessed to find the most reasonable area and places for the system. Therefore this paper aims to develop the method for this evaluation through the hierarchical evaluation structure model in connection with ISM(interpretive structural modeling) and AHP(analytic hierarchy process) methods. The model in this paper is applied to 4 coastal area in Korean waterway as candidates and found that the priority for the needs of VTS should be in order such as Yosu, Wando, Mokpo, Geoje coastal area.
        2004.02 KCI 등재 서비스 종료(열람 제한)
        우리나라의 항만은 정부가 제공해야 할 사회간접자본으로 인식되고 있으며, 개발에 많은 재원이 소요되므로 정부에 의해 개발되어 왔다. 그러나 이러한 개발정책은 급속히 증가하는 항만수요에 대응하는데 있어서 재정적 문제에 직면하게 되었다. 이러한 배경에서 근년에 들어 정부는 항만건설에 민간자본을 유치하고 그 기업으로 하여금 투자재원을 회수하기까지 일정 기간동안 항만을 상업적으로 운영하도록 허용하는 방안을 시도하고 있다. 현재 여러개의 항만이 이러한 방식으로 개발되고 있으며 그 중 일부는 머잖아 개장하게 되는 시점에 있다. 그러나 이러한 항만들은 현 시점에서 볼 때 원활히 운영되는데 있어서 문제점들이 예상되고 있다. 본 논문은 이러한 민자항만의 현황을 조사, 분석하고 문제점에 대한 개선방안을 제시하고자 한다.
        2001.12 KCI 등재 서비스 종료(열람 제한)
        Marine Casualties cause the loss of hmm lives, properties and marine pollution. The prevention of marine accidents has been a major topic in marine society and various policies and countermeasures have been developed, applied to the industries. The coastal VTS and navigational aids are considered as one of the effective methods to promote marine safety but they need relatively huge amount of budgets to build. Thus prior to establishing these coastal VTS and navigational aids, it should be evaluated the navigational safety level in the coastal waterways in concern. So far as human beings are concerned, there are many types of fuzziness in the evaluation of navigational safety level. In order to reflect these fuzziness on this evaluation, this paper introduces the fuzzy measure and integral to represent the fuzziness in the evaluation process. Therefore this paper aims to develop the method for this evaluation using the fuzzy measure and integral. In this paper, Korean coastal area is divided into 8 sectors and evaluated the priority for the needs of coastal VTS and navigational aids. The results are found as order as Mokpo, Yosu, Pohang, Busan, Inchon, Geoje, Gunsan, Donghae coastal area.
        2000.09 KCI 등재 서비스 종료(열람 제한)
        Grouping ports in certain region by their characteristics could be used as the principal informations to establish national policy for port development or investment and also to analyze the competitiveness among ports. Currently Korean ports are divided into two groups such as the local port and the designated Port containing foreign trade port and coastal port under the Korean Port Act. This classification seems to be used for port administration as the matter of convenience but some qualitative grouping is needed for research of port-related matters. The aim of this paper is to cluster 28 foreign trade ports as per the similar characteristics by Hard C-Means and to analyze the results of this clustering.
        2000.06 서비스 종료(열람 제한)
        In port management, the scale of facilities and port layouts are major factors characterizing the port, which influence port economics and productivities continuously through the port operation. Grouping ports in certain region by their characteristics could be used as the principal informations to establish national policy for port development or investment and also to analyze the competitiveness between ports. Currently Korean ports are divided into two groups such as the local port and the designated port containing foreign trade port and coastal port under the Korean port law. These divisions seem to be used for port administration as the matter of convenience but some qualitative grouping is needed for research of port problems. In this paper, 20 major Korean ports were clustered by the similar characteristics using Fuzzy C-Means and found to be classified 8 qualitative groups.
        1998.03 KCI 등재 서비스 종료(열람 제한)
        Traditionally, in the education for the trainees of marine officier, the emphasis is laid on the practical training on board to prepare them for the future position on board and to fit them for the shipboard life. Though the education has been carried out in various ways according to each country's social tradition, culture and educational system, in these days it is done normally by the combined way of school education and training on board to get the competence for the marine officer. Thus the shipboard training course is compulsively required to the candidates for certification as merchant marine officers by the IMO STCW convention 1978 and also it is believed that the education for the dacet officers is to be completed through the shipboard training. In spite of the various earlier studies to improve the training education system, there are few studies for the matters and problems form the standing point of cadet.
        1993.03 KCI 등재 서비스 종료(열람 제한)
        As the trend of ship's automation has spreaded over from 1950's , it caused shipping industries to develop new concept of ship's officer to operate new type of ships with high technologies. As a result, French started the education of Dual Purpose Officer (DPO) from 1967 for mariners who has skills and knowledge in navigation and engineering area. these experiments were concerned mainly with an improved carrier structure for officers, efficiency in ship's operation and subsequent cost saving, and in these years, many advanced countries in shipping business have been interested in the DPO system and adopted it especially in the Northern Europe and Japan. In Jorea there were researches for DPO based on experience of those in foreign countries in the middle of 1980's and established it with revision of relevant domestic regulation in 1990. Korean shipping industry will meet first graduates from DPO program in the near future but it seems that there were not sufficient studies to prepare actual practice. In the paper it was tried to analyze korean DPO system in the structure of education and certification by comparing them with foreign one and found that curriculums of the two maritime universites in Korea are quite suitable under circumstances of domestic shiping industry but some amendments are needed in relevant regulations.
        1991.09 KCI 등재 서비스 종료(열람 제한)
        As increasing needs of marine transportation , world merchant fleet and ship's size were enlarged and it caused frequent disasters in human lives and natural environment. By the reason of the above, they started to establish the Vessel Traffic System (VTS) at the European coast in 1960' and most of advanced contries established and managed it to prevent the sea traffic accidents in these days. The concept of traffic control at sea can be divided into three types. First, the initial gathering of informations about ship's identity and movement etc.. Second, monitoring of the traffic flow and amendment of instructions. Third , organization and direction of ships by allocating routes and speeds. Where the goal of traffic control is safety of traffics and developing effectiveness of navigation channel, if traffic volume is less tan channel capacity then the above first or second level of control would be sufficient but if it is bigger than that , more positive policy of control should be adopted as same as third type of the above. In this paper where the strategy of VTS is focused on the control of traffic density to be spread equality, as possible , all over the navigation channels and also improvement of effectiveness , it suggests algorithm to assign the vessels to the channels with balanced traffic density , and other algorithms using D.P. to sequence the vessels assigned to one channel in optimum order which decreases the mean waiting time in sense of channel effectiveness with numerical examples.
        1991.06 KCI 등재 서비스 종료(열람 제한)
        As per the rapid development of world economics the marine traffic volume was increased accordingly and caused frequent disasters in human lives and natural environment in the consequence of accidents. As the result of the above they started to establish Vessel Traffic System(VTS) and separation scheme in waterway from 1960' to prevent the marin traffic accident but the problem of safety at sea appears now as neither fully defined nor sufficiently analysed. At the present, the dominant factor in establishing the strategy of marine traffic has been safety of navigation concerning only with the ship, but the risk of society derives almost wholly from the nature of cargo. To measure the degree of danger for each ship there is suggested concept of safety factor numbers denoting the level of latent danger in connection with ship and her cargo. In this paper, where the strategy of VTS is put on controlling density of safety factor for control area. it suggested algorithms how to assign the vessels and also to get optimal sequence of vessels located to a sector in the sense of minimizing the passage delay. For the formulation of problem, min max and 0-1 programming methods are applied and developed heuristic algorithm is presented with numerical example to improve the efficiency of calculation.
        1986.11 KCI 등재 서비스 종료(열람 제한)
        As per the expanding needs of marine exploitation, many floating structures have been built. Among these, box-type vessel is considered as the most basic shape, to which plant barges and crane barges belong. Stability problem is very important for vessel. In order to increase transverse stability, this paper employs bulwarks along the upper deck sides of box-type vessels and the emphasis is laid upon the effect of bulwarks on transverse stability. In the present paper, the calculation method of heeling moment acting to the ship due to hydrostatic pressure is suggested, and actual procedures of the calculation for box-type vessels with bulwarks are shown. Furthermore corresponding model tests are carried out in small water tank. Through the comparison between calculated and measured values, it is confirmed that the preset calculation method is useful. And employing bulwarks on box-type vessels is very effective for increase of transverse stability at the heeling angles from about 15 degrees to about degrees.