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        2023.07 구독 인증기관·개인회원 무료
        We explore how young, educated consumers in a collectivist emerging market, utilize social media (SM) to increase self-esteem through interaction with retailers and achieve emotional well-being. Primary data were collected in Vietnam through a survey. 192 responses were analyzed using PLS-SEM. The findings show that SM provides an online space for value co-creation, where young consumers feel more closely connected with the service provider and express themselves to retailers. Close interaction via a retailer’s mediation “responsiveness” facilitates consumer learning and provides opportunities for consumers to convert initial knowledge to second stage knowledge through conversion. In the process of mediation and interaction, SM is used to facilitate the learning cycle. Also, retailers apply the value-in-use concept by adapting relevant information to better suit a particular individual’s needs. This imbues a sense of self confidence and results in consumers gaining self-esteem.
        2023.05 KCI 등재 SCOPUS 구독 인증기관 무료, 개인회원 유료
        This study uses first-principles calculations to investigate the mechanical properties and effect of strain on the electronic properties of the 2D material 1H-PbX2 (X: S, Se). Firstly, the stability of the 1H Pb-dichalcogenide structures was evaluated using Born’s criteria. The obtained results show that the 1H-PbS2 material possesses the greatest ideal strength of 3.48 N/m, with 3.68 N/m for 1H-PbSe2 in biaxial strain. In addition, 1H-PbS2 and 1H-PbSe2 are direct semiconductors at equilibrium with band gaps of 2.30 eV and 1.90 eV, respectively. The band gap was investigated and remained almost unchanged under the strain εxx but altered significantly at strains εyy and εbia. At the fracture strain in the biaxial direction (19 %), the band gap of 1H-PbS2 decreases about 60 %, and that of 1H-PbSe2 decreases about 50 %. 1H-PbS2 and 1H-PbSe2 can convert from direct to indirect semiconductor under the strain εyy. Our findings reveal that the two structures have significant potential for application in nanoelectronic devices.
        2023.03 KCI 등재 구독 인증기관 무료, 개인회원 유료
        In this study, graphene oxide (GO) was synthesized by the improved Hummers’ method. The degree of oxidation from graphite (Gi) to GO was determined through interlayer spacing calculated from X–ray diffraction. Besides, the effect of KMnO4: Gi ratios (X1), H2SO4 volume (X2), oxidation temperature (X3), oxidation time of stage 1 (X4), and oxidation time of stage 2 (X5) was screened by the Plackett–Burman model. The simultaneous impact of three factors that influenced the degree of oxidation (X1, X2, and X3) was studied by the Box–Behnken experimental model of response surface methodology to achieve suitable conditions for the GO synthesis process. The characterization of GO product was investigated via the modern analytical methods: X-ray diffraction, Raman spectroscopy, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, UV–Vis spectroscopy, field emission scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, and atomic force microscopy. Inaddition, the study was also carried out on a pilot scale for orientation in industrial application with the yield of 14 g/batch.
        2022.06 구독 인증기관 무료, 개인회원 유료
        The concept of sustainability was first introduced a few decades ago, and it has gradually become the primary concern of many nations and firms around the world. Sustainability is a broad concept that encompasses three pillars, namely, economic, social, and environmental, represented as profit, people, and nature. It implies that firms can only sustainably develop if they grow without compromising the benefits of their stakeholders. Thus, this study aims to identify, through the participatory approach and the Delphi method, an appropriate set of sustainability indicators to strategically evaluate Hai Phong port's sustainable development achievements. The paper will critically review past studies on port sustainable development to find the most frequently used indicators for assessing port sustainability. These indicators vary because of the availability of data and the researcher's perceived level of importance given to each indicator. Finally, we employ the Delphi method to narrow down the initial set of sustainability indicators based on consensus on the importance of indicators and availability of data among experts. Some indicators that are not important and statistical data unavailable are eliminated. Therefore, the final set includes all crucial indicators for evaluating the sustainability of Hai Phong seaports with collected data.
        2021.06 KCI 등재 구독 인증기관 무료, 개인회원 유료
        수역 내 충돌 위험 식별은 항해의 안전을 위해 중요하다. 본 연구에서는 거리 요인을 기반으로 한 군집화 방법인 계층 클러스 터링을 포함하는 새로운 충돌 위험 평가 방법을 도입했으며, 주변의 선박이 많은 경우 실시간 데이터, 그룹 방법론 및 예비 평가를 사용하여 선박을 분류하고 충돌위험평가를 기반으로 평가하였다(HCAAP 처리라 부른다). 조우하는 선박들의 군집은 계층 프로그램에 의해 모아지고, 예비 평가와 결합되어 상대적으로 안전한 선박을 걸러내었다. 그런 다음, 각 군집 내에서 조우하는 선박 사이의 최근접점(DCPA) 및 최근접점까지의 도착시간(TCPA)까지의 시간을 계산하여 충돌위험지수(CRI)와의 관계를 비교하였다. 조우하는 선박들간의 군집에서 CRI와 DCPA 및 TCPA 수학적 관계는 음의 지수 함수로 구성되었다. 이러한 CRI로부터 운영자는 명시된 해역에서 항해하는 모든 선박의 안전성을 보다 쉽게 평가할 수 있으며, 프레임워크는 해상운송의 안전과 보안을 개선하고 인명 및 재산 손실을 줄일 수 있다. 본 연구에 서 제안된 프레임워크의 효과를 설명하기 위해 국내의 목포 연안 해역에서 실험 사례 연구를 수행하였다. 그 결과, 본 연구의 프레임워크가 각 군집 내에서 조우 선박 간의 충돌 위험 지수를 탐지하고 순위를 매기는 데 효과적이고 효율적이라는 것을 보여 주었으며, 추가연구를 위한 자동 위험 우선순위를 지정할 수 있게 해주었다.
        2021.06 구독 인증기관 무료, 개인회원 유료
        It would appear that the diversification of the methods of international transport has made global trade much easier. With the outstanding advantages of cargo volumes, shipping costs and safety of goods, sea transport always accounts for a high proportion of the export and import activities of coastal countries. Today, therefore, seaborne trade is the main method of foreign trade in Vietnam and the world. Towards solutions in the area of seaborne trade development, this study aims to find the essential macroeconomics factors influencing directly seaborne trade by applying autoregressive distributed lag (ARDL) models with a case study of Vietnam. This paper finds that Vietnam’s GDP and FDI have positive impacts on Vietnam’s seaborne trade turnover in both the short run and long run. The findings here make a significant contribution to the search for practical scientific solutions to enhance Vietnam’s seaborne trade development.
        2021.03 KCI 등재 구독 인증기관 무료, 개인회원 유료
        Kisspeptin, a neuropeptide and the master controller of reproductive axis upstream to GnRH neurons, and its receptor are also expressed in extrahypothalamic tissues, such as ovaries. As systemic kisspeptin has been shown to modulate follicular dynamics in cattle, we hypothesized that kisspeptin has direct actions on the ovarian follicular development. We also hypothesized that kisspeptin regulation of primordial follicle development is via modulation of VEGF expression. In order to test these hypotheses, we cultured caprine ovarian cortical strips in vitro for 7 days with supplementation of kisspeptin at 1, 10 and 100 μM concentration and observed the development of primordial follicles into intermediate, primary and secondary follicles. We also studied the alteration in the expression profile of VEGF and VEGF transcript variant 2 mRNA during follicular development in the presence of kisspeptin. We confirmed the presence of GPR54 in goat ovaries in our preliminary studies. Supplementation of kisspeptin at 1 and 10 μM concentration facilitated the development of primordial follicles into intermediate, primary and secondary follicles with less number of degenerated follicles while the same at 100 μM resulted in degeneration of follicles. We observed a drastic increase in the expression profile of VEGF and VEGF transcript variant 2 mRNA upon culture which was independent of kisspeptin treatment. In conclusion, our studies show that kisspeptin facilitates ovarian primordial development in vitro.
        2020.12 KCI 등재 구독 인증기관 무료, 개인회원 유료
        We investigated the cytotoxic potential of three different commercially available absorbent feminine hygiene products and one transdermal patch using direct contact and extract exposure methods. Two different cell lines were used – mouse fibroblast L929 and normal human skin fibroblast CCD-986sk cell lines. The test samples were extracted using three different methods in accordance to International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Viability of cells was analyzed using MTT assay and morphology of the cells were also observed using phase contrast microscopy. Overall, the direct contact method using L929 cells showed that all the test samples had no toxic effect when exposed to extracts for 1 h. For the exposure method, no toxic effect was observed in both L929 and CCD986sk cells incubated with all the test samples regardless of the extraction methods used.
        2020.10 KCI 등재 구독 인증기관 무료, 개인회원 유료
        본 연구는 원통형 종이포트 토마토 육묘시 Diniconazole의 처리방법이 도장억제 및 근권발달에 미치는 영향을 검토하기 위하여 수행되었다. 그 결과, 엽면적, LAR, 초장, 충실도, 생체중, RGR 및 R/S 에서 시험구간 유의한 차이를 보였다. 동일한 농도를 처리했을 경우, 근권부와 지상부의 흡수도 차이로 인해 저면관수가 엽면살포에 비해 도장억제에 효과적이었다. 저면관수는 엽면시비의 10분의 1의 농도만으로도, 20~30%정도의 동일한 도장억제 효과를 얻을 수 있었다. 디니코나졸 처리에의한 근권부 반응이 흥미로웠는데, 저면관수시 총근장, 근권부피, 평균 근경 및 근단수가 증가하였다. 특히, 0.3mm 이하의 초미세근이 감소하고 0.3~0.6mm의 세근이 증가하였다. 따라서 원통형 종이포트 육묘시 저면관수를 하는 것이 기존 엽면시비에 비해 사용량이 적으면서도 도장억제 및 근권부 활착률을 높힐 수 있을 것으로 판단된다.
        2020.10 KCI 등재 구독 인증기관 무료, 개인회원 유료
        본 연구는 원통형 종이포트를 활용한 토마토 육묘시, 염스트레스를 활용하여 고온기 도장 억제가능성을 검토하기 위하여 수행되었다. 시험구는 K2SO4, KCl과 KH2PO4을 각 5, 10 dS·m-1로 처리하였고, 또한, 토마토 모종에 고염도의 칼륨을 처리하여 수분 및 저온스트레스 환경에서의 적응성 및 생존성을 조사하였다. 조사결과, 처리 농도가 높아질수록 지상·지하부 건물중, 옆면적, 순동화율 (NAR)이 감소하고, 경경과 충실도는 증가하였다. 수분 스트레스 처리 이후, 대조구는 심한 위조현상을 보였지만, KCl처리구는 양호하였다. 상대수분함량은 대조구에서 23%, KCl처리구에서 8% 감소 하였다. 또한, 대조구에 비하여 KCl 처리구는 저장시(9, 12 및 15°C) 모종의 손상 비율이 낮았다. 이와 같은 결과로 보아, KCl과 같은 고농도의 칼륨 처리가 원통형 종이포트 토마토 육묘의 도장 억제에 효과적이며 환경 스트레스 내성을 향상시키는 것으로 판단된다.
        2020.03 KCI 등재 구독 인증기관 무료, 개인회원 유료
        This study investigated the efficacy of four Brucella (B.) abortus recombinant proteins, namely adenylate kinase (Adk), nucleoside diphosphate kinase (Ndk), 50S ribosomal protein (L7/L12) and preprotein translocase subunit (SecB), as a combined subunit vaccine (CSV) against B. abortus infection in BALB/c mice. Immunoblotting assay showed that these four recombinant proteins as well as pcold-TF vector reacted individually with Brucella-positive serum, but not with Brucella-negative serum. The peripheral blood CD4+ T cell population was increased in CSV-immunized mice compared to PBS and pcold-TF vector groups. In addition, CSV and pcold-TF groups displayed induced IgG1 and IgG2a antibodies production compared to PBS and RB51 group, whereas IgG2a titer was higher than IgG1 titer in CSV group. The secretion profiles of IgG1 and IgG2a production together with an enhancement of CD4+ T cell population suggested that CSV did not only induce T helper 1 (Th1) T cell immunity but also humoral immunity. Therein, Th1 T cell immunity is more predominant in eliminating intracellular bacteria B. abortus. Furthermore, CSV immunization significantly reduced the bacterial burden in the spleen as well as the spleen weight in comparison to PBS and pcold-TF groups. Altogether, combination of these antigens could be potential to induce protective immunity against B. abortus infection in animals.
        2019.12 KCI 등재 구독 인증기관 무료, 개인회원 유료
        To attenuate and control the spread of infectious disease, a body of research has been conducted to generate safe vaccines and to continue national-level surveillance. However, understanding on viability and persistence of avian influenza virus (AIV) in infected carcasses, and effective disposal approaches are still limited up to date. Here, using HA test and RT-PCR, we assessed active status of AIV and degradation of viral RNA in collected specimens at different sites and time points. First, AIV infectivity was recovered until day 2, and viral nucleic acids persisted to day 14 and 21 in inorganic and organic samples, respectively, in sealed vials incubated at room temperature. Second, AIV was totally inactivated in all examined specimens, and viral RNA was not detectable at all time points tested at least one month post-infection in AIV-inoculated carcasses buried directly in soil or fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) bin. Lastly, among different burial sites in South Korea, 6 out of 17 sampling sites in Jeonbuk province showed the presence of viral genetic materials, while the rest of the field samples displayed neither the presence of infective AIV nor detectable viral RNA. This study showed a linear relation between time and degradation degree of viral RNA in buried samples suggesting that burial disposal method is effective for the control or at least attenuation of spread of AI infection in infected animals although consistent monitoring is required to verify safety of disposal.
        2019.09 구독 인증기관 무료, 개인회원 유료
        In the present study, rutile phase titanium dioxide nanoparticles (R-TiO2 NPs) were prepared by hydrolysis of titanium tetrachloride in an aqueous solution followed by calcination at 900℃. The composition of R-TiO2 NPs was determined by the analysis of X-ray diffraction data, and the characteristic features of R-TiO2 NPs such as the surface functional group, particle size, shape, surface topography, and morphological behavior were analyzed by Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy and energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy, transmission electron microscopy, dynamic light scattering, and zeta potential measurements. The average size of the prepared R-TiO2 NPs was 76 nm, the surface area was 19 m2/g, zeta potential was −20.8 mV, and average hydrodynamic diameter in dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO)–H2O solution was 550 nm. The 3-(4,5-dimethylthiazol-2-yl)-2,5-diphenyltetrazolium bromide (MTT) assay and morphological observations revealed that R-TiO2 NPs were cytocompatible with oral cancer cells, with no inhibition of cell growth and proliferation. This suggests the efficacy of R-TiO2 NPs for the aesthetic white pigmentation of teeth.
        2019.09 KCI 등재 구독 인증기관 무료, 개인회원 유료
        BALB/c mice were vaccinated with Brucella (B.) abortus recombinant protein L27 (50S ribosomal protein L27) cloned into a pMal vector system. L27 was induced, purified and injected intraperitoneally (IP). Mice were vaccinated on 0-, 15- and 35-day. Serum cytokines were evaluated on 36- and 49-day from first vaccination. Mice were intraperitoneally infected with 5×104 CFU of virulent B. abortus 544 on day-50 and sacrificed after two weeks from infection. Bacterial burden from the spleen was quantified and showed a 0.7- and 0.9-log reduction in vaccinated mice in comparison to PBS and MBP (maltose binding protein) groups respectively. Cytokines in the serum demonstrated increased interferon-gamma (IFN-γ) and other pro-inflammatory cytokines such as macrophage chemoattractant protein-1 (MCP-1) and interleukin 6 (IL-6). On the other hand, interleukin 10 (IL-10) was attenuated in the sera of vaccinated mice. This cytokine profile is indicative of a cell-mediated type of immune response which is favorable for the eradication of intracellular infections. The current study showed the potential of another B. abortus ribosomal protein in inducing protective immunity against B. abortus infection.
        2019.07 구독 인증기관 무료, 개인회원 유료
        The research employs factor analysis, followed by a MANOVA procedure to explore relationships between fashion consumption and social media usage behavior based on data collected from 447 individuals. Findings suggest that social media usage and apparel consumption motivations interact, particularly for whom use social media for instant-self presentation.
        2019.04 구독 인증기관·개인회원 무료
        South Korea has over 0.38 million of managed honey bee (Apis cerana) colonies before 2009 years ago, which produce the highest quantity of honey in the Korea; however, almost colony (90%) were collapsed by Korean Sacbrood Virus (KSBV) in South Korea. Korean Sacbrood Virus (KSBV) is the pathogen of A. cerana Sacbrood disease, which poses a serious threat to honeybee A. cerana, and tends to cause bee colony and even the whole apiary collapse. Colony collapse of A. cerana was first reported on the Pyeong-Chang of the South Korea in 2009. Several scientists and governments has been tried research for cure the sacbrood disease in A. cerana colony by medicines and management techniques. Unfortunately, The sacbrood disease dosen’t improve. So, we were developed a better breed of A. cerana for resistance of sacbrood virus by selection and then artificial insemination. A. cerana breeding technique was first successful applied with A. cerana in Korean. Queens was grafted from sacbrood resistance line and then it was growing in sacbrood disease colony that was survived 100%. Altogether selected 18 queens were artificially inseminated and 2,000 drones of A. cerana in Korea was used to evaluate amount of semen collection. We are select two scabrood resistance A. cerana line (R and H). R line be used for rearing the Queen. Drone was reared in H line colony. The RH hybrid were not infected sacbrood virus even spread sacbrood virus (2×106). RH colonies have very excellent hygienic behavior, brood, and sacbrood disease resistance activity.
        2019.03 KCI 등재 구독 인증기관 무료, 개인회원 유료
        In this study, we examined the protective immunity of a combination of seven Brucella abortus recombinant proteins; superoxide dismutase (rSodC), riboflavin synthase subunit beta (rRibH), 50S ribosomal protein (50s rL7/L12), nucleoside diphosphate kinase (rNdk), malate dehydrogenase (rMDH), arginase (rRocF), and elongation factor (rTsf) cloned in a pMal vector system and expressed in DH5α. Mice groups were immunized thrice with a combined subunit vaccine (CSV-7) at 0, 2, and 5 weeks and subsequently challenged with B. abortus at 5 × 104 CFU at 6 weeks. At four weeks post-infection, the mice were sacrificed and the bacterial burden in their spleens was quantified. Results revealed bacterial log reductions of 0.63 and 0.34 in comparison to PBS and maltose-binding protein (MBP), respectively. Cytokine profiling revealed a marked increase in IFN-γ (interferon-gamma), MCP-1 (macrophage chemoattractant protein-1) and IL-6 (interleukin 6) cytokines at 5-weeks post-immunization. On the other hand, only TNF was heightened at 7-weeks post-immunization. In general, this cytokine profile is consistently reflective of a Th1 immune response, which is beneficial for host immunoresistance.
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