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        2023.08 KCI 등재 구독 인증기관 무료, 개인회원 유료
        V. parahaemolyticus causes waterborne and foodborne disease such as acute diarrhea. In this study, V. parahaemolyticus isolates from seawater, fish tanks, and distributed fishery products in Jeju were investigated for potential toxin or species-specific genes (tdh, trh, tlh, and toxR) using RT-PCR and their genetic characteristics were analyzed using Pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (PFGE). Overall, V. parahaemolyticus of 90 strains (36.7%), including 33 strains from seawater, 8 strains from fish tanks, and 50 strains from fishery products, were isolated from 245 samples. All V. parahaemolyticus strains did not detect the tdh gene, whereas all strains detected tlh or toxR genes. In addition, trh genes were detected in 3 strains from seawater and 1 strain from fishery products. Monthly quantitative testing of seawater revealed that V. parahaemolyticus was positively correlated with water temperature. The 90 strains of V. parahemolyticus obtained in this study showed by gene homology between types, ranging from 64.0–97.3%. Among these, thirteen types showed 100% homology between genes. These results indicate that continuous monitoring is needed to facilitate food poisoning epidemiological investigations because some isolated V. parahaemolyticus strains harbored toxin genes and V. parahaemolyticus strains isolated from seawater, fish tanks, and distributed fishery products showed genetic similarity.
        2023.02 KCI 등재 구독 인증기관 무료, 개인회원 유료
        최근 데이터 기반 경제 활동의 비중이 급증하면서 데이터경제에 대한 논의가 활발하지만 우리나라 주요 산업별 데이터경제로의 전환을 체계적으로 분석하는 틀을 제시하는 연구는 많지 않다. 본 연구는 문헌연구를 통해 데이터경제의 주요 특징을 플랫폼(platform) 구축, 예측력(predictive power) 강화, 새로운 분석모델(new analytical model)의 활용으로 정리하고, 이에 입각하여 우리나라의 금융, 부동산, 의료 부문 간 데이터 기반 활동의 정도를 비교 분석한다. 분석 결과 금융, 부동산, 의료 부문별로 데이터경제 특징이 실현되고 있는 속도와 내용이 다르다는 것이 관찰되었다. 이는 데이터경제의 확산을 통해 경제 생산성 향상과 복지 증대를 위해서는 금융, 부동산, 의료 등 주요 산업 부문별로 차별화된 정책 접근이 필요 하다는 것을 시사한다.
        2013.06 KCI 등재 구독 인증기관 무료, 개인회원 유료
        Based on a literature review regarding shift work, it is recognized that it has an adverse effect on workers' health. Especially, the night shift rather than the day shift imposes severe disorders on workers, which are indicated to dyssomnia, maladaptation to social life, and health problems such as gastroenteric trouble, cardiovascular diseases and depression. As the shift work can be explainable by using workers' labor ability necessarily to maintain company business consistently, it does not consider biorhythm, active mass and health condition of workers Actually duration of shit work would deprive workers of fundamental life rights by causing physical and mental effects. As a result of reviewing previous case studies related to effect of work pattern (day shift and night shift) on workers' health, an incidence of physical diseases like dyssomnia, gastroenteric trouble, cardiovascular diseases and premature delivery was higher in shift workers than normal workers. Additionally the incidence of mental disorders such as busy brain, social isolation, depression and work stress was also higher in shift workers than normal workers. These adverse physical and mental problems were intensified to night shift workers compared to day shift workers. Considering current various reports and study results, it is recommended that the shift work, especially the night work pattern, should not apply to contemporary work situation for sustaining workers' health condition constantly.
        2012.06 KCI 등재 구독 인증기관 무료, 개인회원 유료
        A capsule is the device for irradiation test of nuclear materials and fuels in HANARO. The instrumentation cables are sealed tightly by brazing at the top of the capsule. In this study, the integrities at the brazing of both Inconel 600 and STS 310 materials were confirmed by tensile test, survey of damage on coating, and measurement of insulation resistance. At tensile test, brazing areas were not damaged but the thermocouples themselves were broken on both the materials. At flame heat test, the coating of STS 310 material was maintained without damage but the brittle fracture on Inconel 600 material was observed. Insulation resistances were confirmed to be satisfactory in case of both the materials. In this analysis, the thermocouple was expanded by 0.81mm on the direction of y-axis and the tube was contracted by 0.57mm on the direction of x-axis. As the result, cracks might be occurred with thermal stresses. EDX spectrum analysis showed that the BAg-1 filler metal formed a thin reaction layer on the surface of brazed metal.
        2012.03 KCI 등재 구독 인증기관 무료, 개인회원 유료
        Navy ship acquisition management business contributed to the korean Navy and defense exports with government suppliers in Korea for over 40 years. But due to advanced technology, development trend of Navy ship and defense export requirements, it enable to
        2011.06 KCI 등재 구독 인증기관 무료, 개인회원 유료
        The irradiation tests of materials in HANARO have been performed usually at temperatures below 300℃ at which the RPV(Reactor Pressure Vessel) materials of the commercial reactors such as the light water reactor and CANDU are operated. As VHTR(Very High Temperature Reactor) and SFR (Sodium-cooled Fast Reactor) projects are being carried as a part of the present Gen-IV program in Korea, the requirements for irradiation of materials at temperatures higher than 500℃ are recently being gradually increased. To overcome the restriction in the use at high temperature of the existing Al thermal media, a new capsule with double thermal media composed of two kinds of materials such as Al-Ti and Al- graphite was designed and fabricated more advanced than the single thermal media capsule. At the irradiation test of the capsule, the temperature of the specimens successfully reached 700℃ and the integrity of Al, Ti and graphite material was maintained.
        2010.05 구독 인증기관 무료, 개인회원 유료
        소규모의 기업이 모회사가 성장함에 따라 급속한 성장을 하면서 눈에 보이지 않는 문제점이 발생하고 경영의 비효율화로 인해 생산 업무에 원활한 지원을 할 수 없는 상태의 중견기업의 기업환경을 분석하고 작업 환경을 분석하여 기업이 내부에서 확인 할 수 없는 문제점을 찾아 성장하는 기업이 앞으로 나아갈 방향에 대한 단계별 추진과제를 선정하여 새로운 기업환경에서의 경영효율화와 경영최적화를 이루는 프로세스를 구현하였다. 기업 환경 분석은 내외부 수준분석과 각 부서별 인터뷰, 설문조사를 중심으로 업무 현황 및 당면과제에 대하여 SWOT분석을 통해 나타내었고, 각 부서별 Issue 및 개선 사항은 As-Is Flow를 통하여 프로세스, 시스템, 사람, 기업환경의 네 가지 관점에서 주안점을 찾아내었다. SWOT분석과 As-Is Flow를 기반으로 경영업무 정상화를 위한 우선 실행과제를 선정하였고 선정된 우선순위에 따라 중장기적인 종합추진일정계획을 수립하였다.
        2016.04 서비스 종료(열람 제한)
        In this paper a method for measuring crack of RC members by using image analysis. Targets are attached on the surface of specimen equally in longitudinal and horizontal directions. Crack widths are measured by location of the detected targets on the images. The result compares crack patterns depending on steel ratio of the RC members. In members with high steel ratio, many additional cracks occurred after the initial crack and it reached the stabilized cracking stage. In members with low steel ratio, only one additional crack occurred after the initial crack and it was confirmed that the ductility capacity was lower in the members with low steel ratio than high steel ratio.
        2016.04 서비스 종료(열람 제한)
        The aim of the research is suggesting the curing method and selection of surface-covered curing materials with the goal of achieving non-cracking concrete by applying on the actually constructed top slab of the apartment and comparing the surface covering method using single-layered white bubble sheet with the surface covering method using polyethylene film.
        2016.04 서비스 종료(열람 제한)
        In construction sites there are many cases that concrete is cured in a dry condition, without being moistured, after form have been removed. Consequently such curing condition causes cracks on concrete. In this study is to observe when applied ERCO(Emulsified Refined Cooking Oil) coating on concrete surfaces after removal of form, affects water evaporation and Shrinkage of high-strength mortar.
        2014.04 서비스 종료(열람 제한)
        In this study, natural fine aggregates(NFA) and recycled fine aggregates(RFA) was applying in the lightweight foamed concrete. To replacement of OPC, high volume blast furnace slag was used and incineration ash and recycled aggregates powder were used as alrali activator, Fundamental performances of lightweight famed concrete has been tested. Results showed that as the increase of foam conduction ratio, the strength and the density has been decreased
        2013.12 KCI 등재 서비스 종료(열람 제한)
        국화 6 품종을 대상으로 감마선(35 Gy) 조사에 의해 유기 된 화색변이체를 선발하고, 식물체 재생을 위한 배지내 식물생 장조절제 적정농도를 구명하여 신품종 육성 가능성을 검토하고 자 수행하였다. 고유품종과 다른 꽃잎의 화색변이율은 ‘SP-410’ 이 15.7%로 가장 높았으며, ‘예스스타’가 10.6%, ‘무지개’가 10.3%순 이었다. ‘무지개’는 이중색(황색/적색, Y7D/R40A) 에서 적색(R42B)으로, ‘예스라인’은 자주색(RP74C)에서 진자 주색(RP63B)으로, ‘예스스타’는 황색/적색(Y4A/RP59A) 이 중색에서 적자주색(RP64A)으로, ‘SP-410’은 백색(W155C)에서 황색(Y2C)으로, ‘예스투게더’의 화심색은 백색(W155C)에서 연보라색(P76B)로, ‘예스우리’의 화심색은 연녹색(YG149A)에 서 짙은 녹색(GY1C)으로 화색이 변한 변이체를 선발하였다. 화색변이체 꽃잎의 신초형성을 위한 배지내 식물생장조정제 의 최적조합은 BA 1.0 mg/L와 NAA 0.5 mg/L, BA 2.0 mg/L 와 NAA 0.5 mg/L의 2조합이였으며, 신초형성율은 품종간에 차이가 있어 ‘예스라인’이 91.6%로 가장 높았다. 감마선 조 사에 의한 화색 변이체의 꽃잎배양 유래 재생식물체는 영양 번식으로 유지되었으며, 3년동안 재배한 결과 화색과 꽃잎의 형태적 특성 차이가 없었다.
        2012.11 서비스 종료(열람 제한)
        This study investigates the effect of surface coating materials on the level of resistance of concrete carbonation. For the surface coating materials, paint (Pa), waste cooking oil (WCO) and waste cooking oil + paint (WCO + Pa) were prepared and applied on the surface of concrete specimens after exposure to accelerated carbonation environment for four weeks.
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