矯正硏究 KCI 등재 교정연구 Correction Review

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제30호 (2006년 3월) 7

2006.03 구독 인증기관 무료, 개인회원 유료
Zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt mag es noch eine wissenschaftliche Fantasievorstellung sein, über die Reform des Strafvollzugs auf dem Gebiet Nordkoreas nach der koreanischen Wiedervereinigung zu sprechen, schliesslich ist die Herstellung der koreanischen Einheit ein politisch sehr komplizierter Prozess. Trotzdem muss man sich bereits jetzt auf die koreanische Einheit und die damit verbundenen rechtlichen Probleme vorbereiten. Diese Notwendigkeit wird besonders deutlich, wenn man die Nachwirkungen der deutschen Wiedervereinigung betrachtet. Ich denke, dass eine Untersuchung zur Reform des Strafvollzugs auf dem Gebiet Nordkoreas bereits heute dringend geboten ist und für die Zukunft des gesamten koreanischen Strafvollzugs von nicht zu unterschätzender Bedeutung. Natürlich unterscheidet sich die koreanische Situation von der deutschen im November des Jahres 1989 in wesentlichen Punkten. Dennoch denke ich, dass auch etliche politische und rechtliche Probleme nach der koreanischen Vereinigung den deutschen ähneln werden. So ist Korea in der glücklichen Lage, dass es bei der Lösung dieser Probleme von den deutschen Erfahrungen lernen kann. In diesem Aufsatz möchte ich zunächst analysieren, wie der Geltungsbereich des Strafvollzugsgesetzes auf das Gebiet der ehemaligen DDR ausgedehnt wurde und welche rechtlichen Probleme damit in der Praxis verbunden waren(II). Im Weiteren möchte ich die Festsetzung einer einheitlichen Bemessungsgrundlage für alle Gefangenen nach der koreanische Wiedervereinigung untersuchen sowie den Orientierungsrahmen zur Reform des Strafvollzugs auf dem Gebiet Nordkoreas diskutieren(III). Abschliessend soll aufgezeigt werden, welche Konsequenzen diese Änderungen für das koreanische Strafvollzugsgesetz haben wird(IV).
2006.03 구독 인증기관 무료, 개인회원 유료
마약류나 유해화학 물질의 남용에 의한 중독은 사용물질의 종류에 상관없이 질병으로 간주되어야 하고 약물남용자의 치료와 재활은 하나의 일관된 개념에 의해 통합적으로 다루어져야 할 필요가 있다. 그러나 현재 우리나라 약물남용자의 처벌과 치료․재활은 각기 다른 법률에서 다루어지고 있으며 그 처우의 정도가 서로 다르게 규정되어 있고 누락되어 있는 경우도 있다. 또한 치료보호규정이 있는 경우에도 치료와 보호는 형식적으로 운용되고 있어서 중독에 대한 진정한 치료가 불가능하고 재범과 재발을 반복하고 있는 실정이다. 이에 본 연구에서는 미국의 약물법정제도를 분석하여 우리나라의 약물법정제도 운영에 관한 도입 방안을 제시하였다. 특히 본 연구에서는 구체적인 서비스 흐름을 보다 명확하게 하기 위하여 서비스의 전문성, 적절성, 포괄성, 그리고 통합성 등의 서비스 전달체계 중심으로 분석하였다.
2006.03 구독 인증기관 무료, 개인회원 유료
This study is designed to introduce perspectives of sociological understanding for criminal punishment. The basic stance of sociology of punishment is that we should consider social contexts under which penal policy and criminal justice activities are constructed and processed. This notion is quite different from the existing penological approach to the enterprise of crime control : it focuses on finding the best way to deter criminals from committing crimes and evaluating the most effective correctional programs and punishment devices. On the contrary, the sociology of punishment seeks to understand punishment within the broader social environments such as economic and political contexts. According to the sociological account of the function of punishment, a main role of punishment is not confined in its instrumental purposes. It also serves as an indicator to represent the society itself. Based on this line of understanding, this article first clarifies the concept and functions of punishment in sociological terms and then introduces explanations for changes in forms of punishment suggested by Durkheim, Marxist penal sociologists and Foucault. Next, it reviews many empirical studies that consider social, economic, political contexts for explaining crime control practices such as imprisonment. In conclusion, this study encourages further research adopting the sociological lenses in exploring criminal justice practices.
2006.03 구독 인증기관 무료, 개인회원 유료
This study aimed to find the psycho-social characteristics and their related factors among long-term convicts. Considering length of sentence, 355 inmates sentenced over ten-year incarceration were surveyed from 6 correctional facilities. The study tried to find the relationship between the psycho-social characteristics of long-term inmates which was defined "the extent of recognition attitude change", "attitude toward law" and the correctional environment factors(length of incarceration, penalty experience during incarceration, vocational training experience, level of satisfaction on treatment programs), importation factors(sex, age, education level, former incarceration experience). The major findings and implications on treatment for long-term inmates were as follow: First, a model of the correctional environment factors on "the extent of recognition attitude change" was not adequate. On the other hand, "the level of satisfaction on treatment programs" was significantly related to "attitude toward law"; the higher the satisfaction which the correctional facilities gave, the attitude toward law was positive. Second, regarding importation model, "sex" was significantly related to "recognition attitude change". In "attitude toward law", all importation factors except for former incarceration experience had a statistical meaning; women, older and higher educated long-term inmates had positive attitude toward law. Third, seeing the influence of importation factors, early intervention than post care to the risky groups to reduce the possibility of re-offence is admirable. Also correctional treatment programs for long-term inmates should be provided based on individuality of long-term inmates. Finally, the study suggests that the correctional treatment focus on education programs to change recognition attitude for men inmates, the maintenance of family relations and adaption programs for women.
2006.03 구독 인증기관 무료, 개인회원 유료
최근 우리나라에서 청소년범죄에 대한 대책의 하나로서 청소년범죄자의 부모에게 부모교육프로그램을 제공할 필요성에 대한 인식이 확산되고 있으며, 더 나아가 이를 법제화하여 1호처분이나 보호관찰처분 대상자의 부모에게 교육프로그램에의 참여를 강제적인 명령 혹은 의무로 부과함으로써 저조한 프로그램 참여율을 높이고, 프로그램 운용의 효과를 높여야 한다는 요구가 증가하고 있다. 이러한 시점에서 본 연구는 우리나라의 부모교육명령제도의 모델사례로서 지적되고 있는 영국의 부모교육명령제도의 도입배경, 구체적인 내용, 실시현황, 관련 쟁점, 효과 등을 자세히 소개하고 있다. 그리고 더 나아가서 위와 같은 작업을 통해서 우리가 도입하고자 하는 제도가 어떤 맥락에서 시행되었으며, 실제로는 어떻게 운용되고, 어떤 효과를 낳는가를 비판적으로 검토해봄으로서 우리나라의 도입타당성여부를 판단해 보고 있다.
2006.03 구독 인증기관 무료, 개인회원 유료
A nation's correction level develops in direct proportion to the nation's level. But the correctional principle does not suit our actuality. Since revival, our nation's correctional organization has been falling behind the other administrative organ's result of developmental reorganization. Nowadays, correction business is greatly increasing day by day and a second offense never decreased. Therefore correction administrative business' professional and effectual promotion needs increasingly. But now our nation's correction bureau is existing as a domestic shape of the ministry of justice which only is a assistance organ of the minister of justice. As a result, it is appeared that the difficulty of command and control in perfect order, the subordination of prosecutor, and correction civil servant's depressing the morale of the troops and so on. This study till now shows these theoretical problems at various literature but actually there was not smoothly allusion that how is the correction civil servant's thought who is charging with the correction business. Accordingly, I grasped the actual conditions for the development of correction administrative to correction civil servants who work at correction facility in the whole land's 46 sites and I understood what is necessary for this. As a result for the development of correction administrative, I knew that the modernization of correction facility, the independence of correction office, and the increment of correction facility are immediate. If the development of correction administrative is not, a criminal's social comeback is difficult. So the damage returns again a good general citizens. Consequently, now theoretically or actually the independence of correction service is not optional but indispensable. Any society, from the shady spot where has to advance for the first time we can say being advanced.
2006.03 구독 인증기관 무료, 개인회원 유료
This study reexamined whether the philosophical conceptualization of punishment had the three attributes of retribution, deterrence, and rehabilitation by having compared the Boston sample to the Seoul's. The scales used were Likert, Thurstone, and Guilford methods which were constructed by 9x9 multitrate-multimethod matrix. Campbell and Fiske(1959) as well as Bagozzi's Structural Equation model(1993) were applied. The result showed that the convergent and discriminant validity were proved when the confirmatory factor analysis was processed in the data analysis.